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Thursday, September 30, 2021


This one is tough to sit through, but it does have a couple of things going for it.

Brad Harris is Burt Dawson, and explorer who is suddenly attacked by two rather shoddy looking gorillas.

The gorillas kidnap a beautiful woman named Diana (Ursula Davis) and then it's up to Burt to rescue her. A mad scientist, Albert Muller (Marc Lawrence) wants to take over the world so he is trying to create a race of killer gorillas using implanted radio receiver parts.

Burt meanwhile is on the trail to rescue Diana when he stumbles upon a beautiful woman named Eva (Esmerelda Barros) who lives in the jungle. She cannot speak, but she helps Burt find the lair of the mad doctor.

This is a very bizarre film I first saw on the USA network many years ago. I couldn't really like it then and I still don't, but I do like seeing Barros. There are several directions this film seems to want to go, but it never does go anywhere.

Barros steals the film when she is on screen, which isn's near enough. She passed away last year but I will always remember her for this role. I wasted 90 plus minutes of my life with this film. Watch at your own risk.

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