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Tuesday, September 21, 2021


I have heard of this film since the early 70's and finally got the chance to view it.

Set in the 21st century, the film is about a world where murder is legal in the form of "hunts". Two people are chosen at random to hunt and kill one another.

This story centers around Marcello (Marcello Mastroianni) and the gorgeous Caroline Meridith (Ursula Andress). She is a huntress looking for her 10th kill which will land her a very good TV deal.

After a lot of cat and mouse they start to fall for each other and that makes it very complicated to get their job done. Andress steals the entire movie with her sexy good looks. She was one of the worlds most beautiful women and to see her in this film is a real treat.

I admit I was surprised by the ending. It was totally out of left field. The cast also includes Massimo Serato, Salvo Randone and the beautiful Elas Martinelli.

I highly recommend this film if you want something a little different and if not just see it for Andress. She is delicious.

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