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Wednesday, September 15, 2021


Joseph Zito directed this action film with Chuck Norris.

Norris is Col. James Braddock, a former Vietnam war vet who was held for a while in a prison camp and then escaped. He believes that there are more MIA soldiers being held in camps so he decides to do something about it.

He is part of a fact finding mission to Vietnam and when things turn sour, he decides to find out the "facts" for himself. Braddock arranges to get plenty of firepower and other special weapons from a friend named Jack Tucker ( M. Emmet Walsh).

Both go into the jungles of Nam and Braddock finds a camp with soldiers and vietcong being held as slave labor. The one man army swings into action and liberates everyone.

This is the kind of film Canon was known for making back in the 80's, and they made a slew of them. There isn't much acting required for this film and others like it, but damn they are fun to watch.

Norris is perfect for the role and it may be one of the best he ever had. The rest of the cast includes James Hong, David Tress, Lenore Kasdorf and Ernie Ortega. Good fun for action fans.

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