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Sunday, February 27, 2011


This roughly translates to Rider Of The Skulls and is a well made Mexican film about a masked rider who travels around fighting evil. In this film it's broken into three separate adventures. In the first he finds himself fighting a bizarre looking werewolf who is stalking the countryside. In the second a masked vampire flies around sucking the blood of innocent people. I am always amazed at the size of vampire bats in these Mexican films. The third and final adventure finds out hero fighting a headless corpse who rides around the countryside terrorizing people. it's head is kept in a box much like the 1958 film The Thing that Couldn't Die.
This is an excellent movie and the quality is perfect. This just came out on a double feature with another Mexican film called Masked Murderer, but I have yet to review it. it flew in under my radar and I had no idea it was out until I read it was available for sale!! Lionsgate releases these with little or no fanfare and that is a shame. Recommended!! No subtitles but who cares.

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