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Friday, February 25, 2011


Well we are being buried in snow again this weekend and it will be impossible to get out much it might be time to watch a few movies. I am trying to finish up the first season of V from last year and I will have to check Elvira out this weekend and maybe a few other things as well.
Most of my movies and such have been sent to Ohio as I am relocating there in about 9 days. During the time I relocate this blog will be moving awful slow, but I will keep it running.
I have to relocate after a divorce from 10 years of marriage, and I included that just in case anyone asks. Sometimes you just have to give up the battle and look ahead, and that is what I have to do. I think Ohio will open up a few new doors for me and all I can do is pull myself up by the boot straps and go forward.
So again, if you notice that starting the 7th of march this blog is moving slow for a while it isn't because I have lost interest in movies, music or anything else, I am just busy relocating and settling in. But please, keep your comments and emails coming, I appreciate the support very much.

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