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Saturday, February 5, 2011


Charlton Heston stars Neville, who may be the last man on earth after a plague wipes out most of the world and turns the survivors into bloodthirsty mutants. This is a very well made film which shows some of the hell Neville goes thru by being alone for so many years. He does find a small band of survivors led by Rosalind Cash and they work together to defeat the mutants and use Neville's blood which is actually a cure for the plague since he was immune.
The flashbacks are interesting as we find that the leader of the mutants was once a newscaster..nowadays this fits perfectly into what newscasters really are, in my opinion of course.
Anthony Zerbe plays the role perfectly as John Mathias. lots of good fun and sci-fi thrills based on Richard Matheson's book I Am Legend and miles ahead of the sloppy and boring crap starring Will Smith a couple of years ago.

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