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Friday, February 18, 2011


Once again politics raises it's ugly head, and this isn't a political forum, but some things just need to be said. As some of you from outside the USA know, we are a country of greed and selfishness and I find it appaling that we can listen to Rush Limbaugh (whom I do agree with on some things) and the other reporters on Fox news and other stations tell us that Teachers shouldn't be paid any more money and we must take away their collective bargaining rights, but on the same day we hear the Pro Football players might go on strike because they want more money, and Limbaugh and the rest of them think this is fine and dandy.
You NEVER near the right wing or left wing state controlled media say pro ball players make way too much money, but oh god, just let working class people in the good rotten USA want more money and suddenly they become evil incarnate.
Come on people, pull your heads out of the sand and realize that America is going down the toilet fast and it is time to do something. I would much rather support education than pro football (which i do like a lot). Limbaugh himself makes plenty of money so I cannot agree with him when he says others should have their rights taken away, and I am not even a liberal Democrat!!

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