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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

28 DAYS LATER 2002 (FOX)

One of the best films of it's kind.

Some do-gooder animal rights activists break into an experimental lab and set loose some monkeys that are infected with rage and in a very short time all of England is destroyed.

Enter Cillian Murphey as Jim, a man who has been comatose for 28 days after a biking accident. He wakes to fine everyone gone and total devastation everywhere. Eventually he meets up with several people and begins to understand what has happened.

The infected roam the streets at night mostly looking for people to kill and if one drop of their blood enters your system you become one of the "enraged" in less than 30 seconds. This movie has it's share of scares and keeps the pace up for the entire 2 hour running time.

The cast also includes Naomis Harris as as Selena, the woman Jim falls for eventually. hard to believe this came out 12 years ago. Recommended!!

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