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Tuesday, February 11, 2014


AKA The batwoman.

Maura Monti is a very beautiful woman who fights a mad scientist as Batwoman.

A mad scientist wants to create a race of gillmen and our superhero must stop him. When they first meet she throws acid in his face to escape and that makes the mad man even more determined to take over the world.

The effects are what one would expect in a very low budget south of the border effort, but they are fun. The first gillman is created by having a regular fish in an aquarium along with a small plastic doll!! God I love this stuff.

Monti always wears a bikini which is a major plus and she is helped by Armando Silvestre as Tony Roca. VCI has turned out a very nice print which shows ff the Acapulco scenery very well. There are no subtitles, but who needs them. Just sit back and enjoy this mindless fun.

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