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Wednesday, February 12, 2014


A wonderful cult classic.

Life behind bars in a women's prison is one very well in what may be the film that actually started the WIP genre. Phyllis Thaxter is a young woman entering prison for the first time who has trouble coping with her new life.

The prison is run by Ida Lupino, who runs the women's side and Barry Kelly who runs the mens side. Thaxter is on the brink of insanity but thanks to inmates played by Cleo Moore, Jan Sterling and Audrey Totter she comes around a little.

All hell breaks loose when one of the men, played by Warren Stevens, sneaks into the women's side and talks to his wife, Totter. For this infraction Totter is beaten to death by Lupino and a riot breaks out.

This is a fun film loaded with top notch actresses of the time and also Howard Duff as a prison doctor constantly at odds with Lupino. Sadly, Cleo Moore doesn't have too many scenes, but I cannot recommend this movie enough.

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