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Wednesday, February 5, 2014


One of my faves.

Boris Karloff stars as Dr. Frankenstein, the last of the famous line who rents out his castle to a movie crew making a horror film in order to get money for an Atomic Reactor that he needs.

Slowly, one by one the members of the movie crew disappear as the Baron takes the body parts he needs to make his new creation. Don Barry is Douglas Row, the movie director who is very unwelcome at the castle. This movie is fun and never really slows down, and Karloff is always a pleasure to watch.

Jana Lund is the young actress whom the Baron admires but the standout to me is Charlotte Austin, who was always one of the most beautiful women in movies. She dies way to early in the film, but alas, that is the way things go. I can easily recommend this to any horror fan.

The rest of the cast includes Rudolph Anders, Tom Duggan, Irwin Berke and Norbert Schiller.

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