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Saturday, February 15, 2014


Revisiting a classic 50's monster movie.

This is the film credited to starting the monster movie craze of the 50's. Ray Harryhausen's great special effects mixed with an excellent story by Ray Bradbury combine to make one hell of a film.

A giant prehistoric monster is awakened after an H bomb test and proceeds from the Arctic to the Hudson River, bringing death and destruction along the way.

The monster finally appears in New York and starts destroying the city. Paula Raymond and Cecil Kellaway are scientists who help another scientist, played by Paul Christian destroy the monster. Ken Tobey is on hand as the Military leader. Everything in this film works perfectly. It is the quintessential monster film and was and has been copied hundreds of times over the years.

Lee Van Cleef is actually the hero as he is the one who shoots the radioactive isotope into the monster. A great Saturday afternoon monster film if there ever was one.

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