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Friday, February 28, 2014


One of my favorite 50's horrors.

Three men and a woman are involved in a plot to rob a small South Dakota town of gold, with the unsuspecting help of a ski instructor who is taking them on a cross country ski trip. They plant a bomb in an old mine as a distraction. When one of the men takes the explosive to the mine he takes a girl with him and she is attacked by a wired monster.

The mine blows up, the thieves get the gold and all appears well until one of the men sees the monster stalking them on their trip. The monster drags the girl with him to feed off of her as it slowly follows the people who destroyed it's home.

This movie is full of eerie images set against the cold desolation on the snowy Dakotas. Frank Wolff, Wally Campo, Sheila Noonan and Richard Sinatra are the four people who are involved in the gold theft and Michael Forest is Gil, the ski instructor who is drawn into their plan as a hostage.

Monte Hellman directed this, his first film, and for a low budget film it really packs a wallop. The "beast" is easily the most bizarre thing I have ever seen in a film and it is obvious that the makers of Alien and subsequent sequels have seen this film and taken a few ideas. Highly Recommended!!

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