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Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Good Stooges film with sci-fi touches.

The Stooges are janitors at a rocket launching site and when a rocket crashes next to their living quarters they investigate and bring nothing but trouble.

While messing around inside they accidentally launch the rocket and head to Venus. There they meet a fire spitting giant tarantula, a talking unicorn and a robot that runs the planet and intends to make evil replicas of the Stooges.

Meanwhile, back on Earth scientists played by Bob Cobert and Anna-Lisa fall in love while trying to get the rocket back. This is not the best film the Stooges ever made, however this is the Stooges first feature film in which they star and the slapstick routines are funny.

I would recommend this for any Stooges fan and Mill Creek has a beautiful print direct from the Columbia master.

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