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Thursday, August 26, 2021


Oh my....another shark movie.

This is not too good of a film, but it does have some good scenes in it.

Dean Cochran stars as Jim Wagner, a man whose father was killed 10 years before by a school of huge killer sharks. He is resisting people who want to look for a sunken ship and a treasure due to the death of his father who tried the same thing.

Beautiful Brandi Sherwood stars as Jim's wife Carrie. A sudden outbreak of violent shark attacks leads Jim to demand that the beaches be closed, but the Mayor doesn't listen to him. Does this sound familiar?

I found it interesting that the movie was filmed in Bulgaria and they tried like hell to make it look like southern california, but failed. The scenes of the shark attacks work well, but they use the same footage for every single attack and that gets old fast.

If you have to see every shark horror film ever made, you might want to see this. Not much else to say but have at it.

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