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Tuesday, January 26, 2016


A top notch Film Noir that once seen is never forgotten.

Dick Powell stars as Phillip Marlowe, a private detective hired by a goon named Moose Malloy to find his missing girl friend, Velma.

The case gets much deeper than Marlowe expects an he soon finds himself involved in a web of blackmail, murder, theft and much more. The sequences in which Marlowe is drugged and having hallucinations are some of the best scenes of their kind ever done.

Mike Mazurki is perfect as Moose and Claire Trevor is perfect as the femme fatale, Velma. Powell, up to this time had been a huge star in musicals and the producers changed the name of the film from the original title, "Farewell My Lovely" based on the Raymond Chandler novel of the same name, to "Murder My Sweet" so the public didn't think it was another musical with Powell.

Edward Dmytryk handles the directing chores just fine. This is classic Film Noir that shouldn't be missed by any film fan. If you get a chance, check it out.

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