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Saturday, January 30, 2016


Three tales of terror from the pen of Nathanial Hawthorne.

Vincent Price stars in all three tales and that alone makes this movie very watchable. In the first story entitled "Dr. Heidigger's Experiment" Price stars along with Sabastian Cabot as two old friends who accidentally discover water that makes one young again and also gives life to the dead. Heidigger (Cabot) uses it on the body of the woman he loves who died 38 years ago. She comes back to life, and then the terror sets in.

The woman is played by lovely Mari Blanchard and she plays well off of Cabot and Price. Good story with a great ending.

The second tale is called "Rappaccini's Daughter" and stars Price as Dr. Giacomo Rapaccini, a man who has no love for the world and also has a very lovely daughter, Beatrice, played by Joan Taylor. Rappaccini it seems is bitter about his wife leaving him many years ago so he has developed a formula and injected his daughter with it. Everything she touches burns and dies and that is only half the problem.

One day a young man played by Brett Halsey sees Beatrice in the garden and instantly falls for her. After much chasing he finally learns what is what and there the story takes a very dark tone. This is a fine story with all the leads doing well with their parts. It holds your attention well.

The final story is "House Of the Seven Gables" and this time Price is Gerald Pyncheon, a man who returns to his family estate with a new bride and a hunger to find the hidden family fortune. Beverly Garland is his bride Alice and Richard Denning is his friend Jonathan.

This is a solid tale of murder, madness, greed and much more and the ending makes for a fitting end to a pretty good omnibus film. For some reason this is largely ignored by fans of horror as well as Vincent Price fans. It is irected by Sidney Salkow and the widescreen photography is beautiful on this Blu-ray disc.

If you haven't already, I would check this out. As I said, a pretty good horror film.

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