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Friday, January 15, 2016


This is the final year for the landmark show.

This year Shelley Hack was replaced by the incredibly gorgeous Tanya Roberts who is actually my second favorite Angel on the show. Some of the episodes are a little strained as one might suspect with a shortened final season.

Here is the episode rundown from season 5.

ANGEL IN HIDING 11/30/80...This is the episode where Julie Rogers (Tanya Roberts)joins the angels after they find, during an investigation, that she is also doing an investigation of a drug dealer and a murder. The cast includes Vic Morrow and Christopher Lee.

TO SEE AN ANGEL DIE 11/30/80...Bosley and the Angels go to the Hawaiian branch of Townsend Investigations. Kris is kidnapped by a man and his two children who believe Kris is responsible for her death. Cameron Mitchell appears in this episode.

ANGELS OF THE DEEP 12/7/80...Julie has taken up scuba diving and her friend, she later discovers is looking for a huge supply of grass that has sunk under the waves.

ISLAND ANGELS 12/14/80...Julie indentifies a member of a terrorist group who is coming to Hawaii to kill a diplomat. A great cast includes Barbi Benton, Randolph Mantooth, Lyle Waggoner, Richard Jaeckel, Keye Luke, and Carol Lynley.

WAIKIKI ANGELS 1/4/81...The Angels go undercover as lifeguards to catch the kidnappers of a politicians daughter. Dan Haggerty does a great job as a totally psychotic kidnapper and drug user.

HULA ANGELS 1/11/81...A man is kidnapped in his own nightclub and his wife cannot come up with the ransom, so she hires the Angels. Gene Barry stars.

Moonshinin Angels 1/24/81...The Angels are called in to find out why to families involved in moonshine are still feuding. This is probably the worst episode of the fifth season.

HE MARRIED AN ANGEL 1/31/81...The Angels are hired to catch a conman and they decide to teach him a lesson he will never forget.

TAXI ANGELS 2/7/81...The Angels are called in to investigate an attempted murder at a small cab company.

ANGEL ON THE LINE 2/14/81...When the Angels investigate a murder at a dating club, Kelly becomes the target of the killer. This is one of the most bizarre episodes ever and you'll not forget the ending to this one.

CHORUS LINE ANGELS 2/21/81...Dancers are disappearing during rehearsals for a musical and the Angels are called in to investigate.

STUNTWOMEN ANGELS 2/28/81...A man dressed as an archer is causing accidents at a movie studio and the angels are called in to stop him, if possible.

ATTACK ANGELS 6/3/81... One of the best episodes of the entire series!! Eric Braeden stars as a man who uses a deadly form of hypnosis on women to make them into unsuspecting killers so he can take over the corporation. Brett Halsey and BarBara Luna also star.

ANGEL ON A ROLL 6/10/81...A man opens 12 different bank accounts under different names and then proceeds to rob them all at once. The Angels must stop him.

MR. GALAXY 6/17/81...Several attempts are made on the life of a bodybuilder and the Angels are called in to protect him. I have to admit Tanya Roberts does more for gym shorts than any other woman in recent memory.

LET OUR ANGEL LIVE 6/24/81...Kelly is shot point blank by a man she has been watching on a stakeout and an emotional Bosley, Kris and Julie spend the night reminiscing about past cases and hoping Kelly lives thru the night.

That was the 16 episodes that comprised the final season. The show was dying at the time and the producers tried to spice it up by having the Angels in Hawaii for six episodes and a bevy of huge stars, but to no avail. I still love this show, and if you do to I would recommend this set from Sony. It has been re-issued several times in separate seasons, but mine is an all inclusive 27 disc set.

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