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Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Great little crime drama starring Henry Silva.

Silva is John Chandler, a man who awaits death in jail for murder. In the opening of the film we see him in his last desperate moments. As the electric chair is started the scene immediately switches to another character named Phillip Chandler, also played by Silva.

Yes, there are many tricks and double crosses in this film, and the viewer has to pay close attention to it. The CIA wants to use Phillip as a double agent to track enemy agents, and it seems like a nightmare world of a very sick

Silva is excellent in the role and the print from Sinister is a beautiful letterboxed treat. I can't see any crime fan not liking this obscure gem. I cannot praise this film enough.

Director Emilio Miraglia keeps the viewer on the edge of their seats in a bizarre guessing game that pulls the rug out from under the viewer many times, and the ending is very surprising and unexpected.

I really don't want to say too much about this film here. I feel it is better for everyone to see it. It's unique, well acted, well directed and very film noirish.

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