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Wednesday, December 21, 2016


Very good ecological horror.

An environmental group called Doomwatch investigates a small island whose inhabitants have been eating fish contaminated with toxic chemicals.

The people on the island have been suffering from deformities and violence and so a lone scientist is first sent in. Dr. Del Shaw (Ian Bannen)is met with hostility when he arrives.

He meets a young and beautiful teacher named Victoria Brown (Judy Geeson)who slowly warms up to him and agrees to help him investigate. The islanders have other ideas an will stop at nothing to hide what is going on.

The topic of this film is more timely today than it was back in 1972. Pollution and garbage in our food has gotten out of control, but still nowhere near what happens in this film.

I hadn't seen this film since I owned the VHS from Thriller Video back in the 80's. This Blu-ray presentation came as quite a surprise. Kino has done a good job with the film and it makes a good addition to my collection.

I have never known exactly how to classify this film, but I do find it very watchable. Rounding out the cast is Simon Oates and George Sanders.

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