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Thursday, December 15, 2016


Creaky but enjoyable Monogram quickie.

I guess you'd call this film a surreal fantasy. Bela Lugosi stars as Mr. Wong, a maniac who kills people to obtain the 12 coins of Confucius.

These coins will enable him to become a very powerful ruler in a certain Chinese province. He has henchmen who do his killing for him and soon he finds he needs only one coin and that's when the trouble starts.

Jason Barton (Wallace Ford), a wise cracking reporter shows up and tries to solve the mysterious deaths of the previous 11 people.

I used the word surreal because Lugosi is a Chinese maniac, which is fine, but his Hungarian accent is very out of place. It makes for very interesting viewing.

Me, I don't mind any of this as I am not tied to PC horseshit, but it is interesting to see a Chinese speaking with a Hungarian accent.

This is a fun little film running just over one hour and is a must for Lugosi fans. The cast is rounded out by Arline Judge and Lotus Long. Based on a story by Harry Keeler called "The Twelve Coins Of Confucius".

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