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Monday, December 26, 2016


A bizarre chop socky gem.

A martial arts actor foils the attempted murder of a man by the Mafia.

This starts the Mafia trying to kill the actor, so they set him up with a phony movie in order to kill him. As with all films like this, there isn't much in the way of plot that makes any sense, but it is a fun watch, at least I think so.

What I find really odd is that the gorgeous Shirley Corrigan is in this film as a young woman who falls for our oriental hero and ends up saving his ass on more than one occasion.

There are several unforgettable scenes including our hero, Wang, shoving a would be killer in a fireplace and he burns to death! It is also odd to see this shot-in-Rome oddity with Gordon Mitchell as a Nazi fighting Wang with martial arts. If that last sentence seems odd, try this film!

Anything with Corrigan in it is worth a watch. Sadly, she does no nudity here, but she still looks fantastic.

Yasuaki Kurata is the lead in this film and is ok. If you like this kind of film see this one if you can.

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