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Friday, December 23, 2016


A very obscure crime/action film

Francis D. Lyon directed this little film starring Michael Ansara as Count Mario Romano, a man who is planning on stealing some "laser rubies" that can power a killer laser beam.

Richard Egan is the agent who is sent in to stop him.

Made by the same people who brought us "Destination Inner Space", "Dimension 5" and a few others. I have always liked this film and the others I just mentioned.

John Ericson turns in a good performance as a traitor to America who starts having second thoughts and Khigh Dhiegh is the man whom Ansara's character is supplying the rubies.

Not a lot of action, but what the film does have holds my interest and I hadn't seen this film for ages. It is only available from Sinister Cinema on a double bill with "Doomsday Machine".

I recommend this film for fans of B movies.

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