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Monday, December 19, 2016


Very well done crime drama.

I caught this film on TCM thru a friends DVR and enjoyed it quite a bit. I had never seen this blaxploitation gem before.

Calvin Lockhart stars as Frankie Parker, a top DJ in Los Angeles. One night at a club he meets a stunningly beautiful woman who calls herself Melinda. This role is essayed to the gorgeous Vonetta McGee.

Melinda doesn't divulge too much about her past but she and Frankie fall in love. Soon after she is savagely killed in his apartment and Frankie is framed for the murder.

Frankie enlists the aid of his ex-wife (Rosalind Cash) and his karate instructor (Jim Kelly) to help him clear himself.

The movie starts out as a drama and quickly slides into violent crime territory. Rockne Tarkington is excellent as a "yes man" named Tank. Tank takes his orders from a white crime boss named Mitch (Paul Stevens) who is absolutely ruthless. Mitch claims that Melinda left Frankie with a valuable item that he wants back.

I love this kind of film, especially from the 70's and with an all black cast. This is how all crime dramas should be made. The rest of the cast includes Ross Hagen, Renny Roker, Judyann Elder and Jan Tice. This was Jim Kelly's debut.

Highly recommended!!

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