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Wednesday, December 28, 2016


Another of my all time favorite films.

I have always been a huge Tracy fan, and this movie to me anyway is a total delight.

Warren Beatty is Dick Tracy, the comic book hero created by Chester Gould Tracy is up to his eyeballs in trouble as a top gangster called Big Boy Caprice (Al Pacino)kills another top gangster, Lipps Manliss (Paul Sorvino) and begins taking over the city.

Things are further complicated by the involvement of Breathless Mahony (Madonna) who wants Tracy for her own and will testify against Caprice if Tracy says to her face that he wants her. However, Tracy is a very dedicated man who only has one love in his life and that is Tess Trueheart (Glenne Headly).

The film delivers on the comic book look like no other film had up to that point except for "Creepshow". No film since 1990 has captured this flavor, and probably won't.

Beatty also directed this epic and he handles the job quite well. There are so many characters in this film it is hard to remember them all. William Forsythe turns in a top performance as Flattop which was actually the most popular character in the comic strip.

The rest of the cast in this very impressive film includes Seymour Cassel as Sam Catchem, James Keane as Pat Patton, Stiog Eldred as Shoulders, Mandy Patinkin as 88 Keys, R.G. Armstrong as Pruneface, Dustin Hoffman as Mumbles, Kathy Bates as Mrs. Green, Dick Van Dyke as D.A. Fletcher, Henry Silva as Influence, James Caan as Spaldoni, Michael J. Pollard as Bug Bailey, Estelle Parson as Mrs. Trueheart, Mary Woronov, Mike Mazurki, Henry Jones and last but not least Charlie Korsmo as Kid. The list could include many, many more.

Hard to believe 26 years have passed since this film came out, but it still looks fresh and new and should be seen by every Tracy fan. Highly Recommended!!

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