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Sunday, March 19, 2023


Jean-Claude Van Damme stars as Frank Dux.

Dux is an American martial artist who is serving in the military. He badly wants to compete in a Hong Kong martial arts tournement who people can actually get killed.

He leaves his army base without permission to compete and he has two agents following him to bring him back. Dux manages to lose the agents and enters the three day event.

He also falls for a beautiful female reporter named Janice (Leah Ayres). Frank advances well into the second and third rounds. The final battle is with Cong Li (Bolo Yeung) who is undefeated in five years and has killed many opponents.

The final showdown is really something to watch. It just kind of grabs you and won't let go. I found myself enjoying this film after refusing to see it for many years.

The rest of the cast includes Norman Burton, Forest Whitaker, Ray Chiao and Rani Gill.

If you haven't seen this, check it out, you might like it.

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