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Saturday, March 4, 2023


I hadn't seen this film for so long, I forgot how entertaining it really is.

A small group of people who are trying to avoid the battles of World War 3 find even more terror in a secret military base they happen upon during a search for shelter.

Thery are seeking shelter because the rains contain a burning acid. Once inside they find all kinds of scientific equipment and try to figure out what was going on.

Also inside the complex are giant mutated rats and a huge cool looking monster that reminds me in a way of the creature in "Alien". One by one the mutant stalks and kills the members of the group.

There is plenty of action and some comedy as well, and it all comes together well under the direction of David DeCoteau. Of course it's always good to see Linnea Quigleyis any horror film from this time period.

I also found it interesting that this 80's film was set in the future year of 1998!! This is a very fun monster film, and any fan of 80's low budget sci-fi should enjoy this film. It's a blast, and again, the monster is pretty cool indeed.

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