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Friday, March 24, 2023


A great action film from Cannon.

Chuck Norris stars as an undercover detective named Cliff Garrett. During a stake out he is ambushed and almost killed by his partner, Ronnie Delaney (Michael Parks).

After a long recovery in the hospital Garrett decides to go undercover as a hit man and work his way up thru the mobs of Seattle in order to destroy all from within, including Delaney who has partnerd up with Muslims in a deadly drug operation.

Garrett stars working with a local gangster named Marco Luganni (Al Waxman). He also befriends a lonely boy who lives in his apartment and the two develope a good friendship.

There are a lot of violent gunfights and bloodletting and when the boy is badly burned by the evil Delaney, Garrett decides it's time to conclude his long dreamed plan.

Norris is excellent in the role and everyone in the cast does a very good job. The final confrontation between Garrett and Delaney is something you won't soon forget.

Sadly Cannon films was on it's last legs when this was made and the end of their long line of action films was near. But they still had one more Norris film in the works.

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