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Saturday, March 11, 2023


Odd little British sci-fi film.

I hadn't seen this film for over 40 years and was glad to see it available for streaming.

The story revolves around NATO paratroopers who are being snatched from thin air during jumps after being surrounded by a strange red beam of light. Naturally the military is very concerned.

General Armstrong (George Sanders) calls in Bob Megan (Patrick Allen) to head an investigation as to what is happening to the men. During said investigatin he discovers that the parachutes are now radioactive.

He asks Dr. Matthews (Maurice Evans) and his gorgeous assistant Julie Slade (Hillary Dwyer) for help. Megan also meets a mysterious, beautiful blonde named Lorna (Pamela Conway) who seems connected to the strange goings on.

When I was much younger I was bored with this film because of it's lack of monsters, but seeing it today was an entirely different experience. I liked the spy trappings and the women and I also found it to be more like an extended British TV show than a movie.

I liked the movie, but the ending was somewhat lackluster, however it still outshines anything made today. The cast in very, very good and all the familiar faces make it very worth while.

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