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Friday, March 17, 2023


This is the first Santo movie and it was shot in Havana Cuba just days before the Castro takeover.

This film was shot very quickly and the plot is very simple. Santo has to tabgle with an evil mad doctor who is using a serum to control people's thoughts and actions.

Santo is drugged and works with the drug smugglers for a while until another masked wrestler named El Incognito rescues him. This film is very odd for several reasons. First it was shot in Cuba, second, Santo only has about 3 lines in the entire film and third is that he is given no background.

The print for this film is simply beautiful and brings out the black and white photography. It's in Spanish with American subtitles. The disc has some great extras including a background on where the film was made such as locations and how the print of this and another film shot back to back with it entitled "Santo Vs. The Infernal Men" were smuggled into the US in a casket after the Castro takeover.

I'm very happy to see this film finally getting a release as it has been thought lost for a long while. Any Santo fan will want to check out this release.

It still strikes me as very odd that the top Mexican wrestler and national hero in movies started out in a small Cuban production. CHECK IT OUT!!

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