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Sunday, March 5, 2023


What a great 80's horror film.

Jim Wynorski directed this classic film about a group of young mall employees who stay behind after hours to party is a store.

The mall is protected by three robots that are equipped to stop any criminal. Thay are armed with tzaers, lasers and death rays. We get to see how they operate in a very good opening sequence that features Paul Bartel and Mary Woronov, and those two are a hoot.

When a very strong lightening storm shorts out the electrical system controlling the robots, they become their own beings and handle things in a very violent way.

The young people find themselves fighting for their lives while trying to get out of the mall which is locked up with thick metal doors until dawn. There is non-stop action as the victims are killed in various ways and you really do find yourself wanting to help these people, especially Kelly Maroney and Barbara Crampton.

This is also a film buffs movie as we see scenes from "Attack Of The Crab Monsters" lots of movie references and Dick Miller as Walter Paisley, a janitor who meets a gruesome death.

The rest of the great cast includes Russell Todd, Karrie Emerson, Suzee Slater, Ace Mask, Mel Wells and Arthur Roberts. I'm pretty sure most people have seen this film if they are horror fans, but watch it again. It's that good.

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