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Sunday, March 26, 2023


A strange movie, albeit not a bad one.

A young man named Cory (Eric Larson) goes to his grandfather's farm to find out about his family past. Along the way he and his girlfriend Elaine (Francine Lapensee) hear nothing but vague warnings of the dangers that await, but Cory shrugs them off as he is dtermined to discover the truth.

They finally arrive at the house with a group of their friends and soon they discovere that the house is possessed by evil spirits who will not allow them to leave.

There are several gory killings and the story will indeed remind you of "The Evil Dead: from 1982. This film has demonic monsters, walking corpses, parallel universes and some nice overall effects.

I did like the fact that this is a "rural horror" film as those to me are always the best kind. Overall I enjoyed the movie and found it to not be as bad as a lot of people have claimed.

If you get the chance, you ought to see it. I can't see horror fans not liking it.

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