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Saturday, March 18, 2023


The second Santo film ever masde also shot in Cuba back to back with Santo Vs. The Evil Brain.

Again, this has a very simple plot. Santo helps a federal agent take out a gang of drug smugglers.

Santo has a few more lines in this film and several sceans from the Evil Brain film appear in here as well. It was a way to save money. It was shot very quickly in Havana and the film crew left just two days before Castro entered the Capital,

The 4K print is beautiful and if you're a Santo fan this is a MUST SEE!! "Invasion Of The Zombies" was next for Santo, and that was the film that would introduce him to a world wide audience, even thought in America he was known as "Samson" thanks to K. Gordon Murray.

However, this is a real piece of film history that has finally been made available and should be seen by every fan. I cannot recommend this enough.

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