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Saturday, March 25, 2023

DUEL 1971 (METV)

I caught this on Svengoolie a few days back and it was fun to watch this little made for TV thriller again.

Sven ran the 90 minute version that was released to theaters with 16 minutes of extra footage.

Dennie Weaver stars as a businessman who is traveling thru California. He passes a truck on a lonely highway and thus his terror ride begins. The unseen driver of the truck starts to pursue Weaver's character of David Mann.

There are many scenes of intense car chasing as the killer in the semi truck sets out to kill Mann and anything and anyone who gets in his way. Director Steven Spielberg really piles on the suspense during the final 15 minutes and it makes this a landmark TV production.

Weaver is excellent as the man who is forced to fight for his life behind the wheel of his car. The rest of the cat is minimal but includes Eddie Firestone, Gene Dynarski and Charles Seel.

I hadn't seen this in almost 30 years and I found it to be just a great as I remember it. RECOMMENDED!!

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