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Saturday, July 18, 2020


A Don Glut T&A horror film.

Countess Elizabeth Bathory (Monique Parent) arrives in modern day Los Angeles with the intent of taking over and becoming even more powerful.

The Countess had made a pledge with Vlad Dracula so she can gain eternal life. Early in the film we see Dracula die as he is caught in the sun while watching two lesbians in action thru a window. Vlad (Tony Clay) is almost saved by his servant Renfield (Del Howison), but the sun is faster.

Bathory is not at all bothered by Vlad's death and she immediately demands that Renfield find a way she can live in the sunlight. This, we discover, is possible but only with help from an ancient Egyptian goddess named Hathor (Angelica Monro).

Bathory attempts to contact Hathor and does but only after she steals the ancient Mummy of Hathor from a pawn shop where it has been stashed after it was stolen by two men who found the body after the Mummy walked out of a museum!! Make sense?

This eventually brings about a final battle between Bathory and Hathor in Mummy form. This is a very low budget, but interesting film actually shot on video.

The women in the film are beautiful, but the standout is, of course, Monique Parent. She makes a most fetching Bathory. The rest of the cast includes Brinke Stevens, Natasha Diakove, Cindy Pucci and Christina Morris.

If you're a fan of very low budget horror and beautiful women, then you might like this little film.

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