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Saturday, July 25, 2020


One of my favorite horror films finally comes to Blu-ray.

Alex D'Arcy stars in this German oddity that is really something to see.

He plays Gary Webster, a talent manager who is hiring young women to be dancers in a show he is producing in Singapore. He gets his cast together after auditioning many beautiful women and they take a plane to their destination.

However the plane crashes and and they are stranded on a small island. Gary and the women discover a small house and when they enter it they see a dead man trapped in a huge spider web.

This sets the stage for the horror to come. The island is inhabited by weird spider-like monsters thanks to the dead man's experiments. One bites Gary and he transforms into a hideous monster that then tries to kill the women for their blood.

This is a fun film and Severin brings us the uncut Continental version with nudity and several cut scenes never dubbed into English. They have also included the print with the original title called "It's Hot In Paradise".

The movie never looked better than it does in this restored and re-mastered version. The cast also includes Helga Franck, Helga Neuner, and the gorgeous Barbara Valentin who is easily unforgettable. One of the best releases of the year!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

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