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Friday, July 3, 2020


I never got a chance to watch this on it's initial run and am visiting it for the first time.

Produced by Richard Rubinstein, this show debuted the same year as "Tales From The Darkside" ended and it follows the same format, but each show features a different monster.

I am surprised this isn't better known, but I have been enjoying it a lot. It ran for 3 years and here is what season 1 has to offer.

THE FEVERMAN 10/22/88... A man tries to prove a local healer is a fake, but gets something very unexpected. David McCallum stars.

HOLLY'S HOUSE 10/29/88... Holly is a mechanized doll and host of a kiddie show, and she isn't as nice and cute as she appears to be. A fun little episode that really impressed me.

NEW YORK HONEY 11/5/88... A man blackmails his neighbor who makes a very tasty honey into sharing his profits and he also falls for the beekeepers sexy young girlfriend.

THE VAMPIRE HUNTER 11/12/88...Robert Lansing stars as a vampire hunter who tries to stop a bloodsucker from turning his young assistant into a creature like himself.

MY ZOMBIE LOVER 11/19/88... A great comedy episode about a night each year when the dead come back to life. A young dead man visits the home of a young woman he was to scared to admit he liked when he was alive. Tempestt Bledsoe stars. Gotta love the ending!!

WHERE'S THE REST OF ME 11/26/88... In a small South American country a mad doctor keeps body parts for harvesting until one of the cadavers comes back to seek revenge. Meat Loaf and Franco Harris star.

THE LEGACY 12/3/88... An writer named Dale finds the private sanctuary of a long dead actor named Pulton Pierce. Very soon Dale's life starts down a VERY dark road.

SLEEPING DRAGON 12/10/88...During a raging snow storm scientists must fight for their lives against a prehistoric monster that is running loose in a lab complex. This is a very fun episode.

POOL SHARKS 12/17/88...A pool hustler gets involved in a game with a very sexy female who is not what she seems...or is she? Rebecca Downs steals this show with ease.

PILLOW TALK 12/24/88...A man whose bed is possessed by a bizarre creature like something out of Lovecraft story meets a woman (Mary Woronov) who starts to make him have second thoughts about everything. Bizarre and unusual episode.

ROUSE HIM NOT 12/31/88...A woman living in an old house is visited by a man who is researching a warlock who used to live in the home. They both get a surprise when they discover the warlock has come back to life. Alex Cord stars.

FOOLS GOLD 1/21/89...Three construction workes find a hidden treasure guarded by a very evil and nasty troll.

GLIM GLIM 2/4/89... Another bizarre episode. The last three surviving humans on Earth find an alien who might be able to help them. However human emotions play a big part and the ending is somewhat twisted and very sad. A HIGHLY RECOMMENDED episode.

PARENTS FROM SPACE 2/11/89...A young girl's cruel and uncaring parents are replaced by aliens who show her what love really is. Peggy Cass and Frank Gorshin star.

THE MOTHER INSTINCT 2/18/89...A woman develops a melon juice that produces great strength. Her evil son in law wants to steal it but finds she has the plants protected by blood worms. Great ending.

THEIR DIVIDED SELF 2/25/89... A doctor tries to counsel Siamese twins who are on the verge of killing each other.

TAPS 3/4/89...A female dancer tries to separate herself from her possessive partner, and she finds herself haunted in a most unusual way after dismembering him.

THE MATCH GAME 4/15/89...Grim and interesting story about two couples in a haunted mansion playing a story telling game. When an avenging dead man comes to life they realize the story they are telling is coming to life.

RAIN DANCE 4/22/89... Kent McCord and the gorgeous Teri Copley as a couple of treasure hunters who get way more than they bargained for when they receive a statue of an ancient Indian god.

COCOON 4/29/89...A cop asks his psychic girlfriend to help him identify a beautiful young woman involved in an auto accident who now has amnesia. A great twist ending.

ALL IN A DAY'S WORK 5/6/89...A man haunted by an evil doppelganger seeks the help of a white witch. Adrienne Barbeau stars.

SATAN IN THE SUBURBS 5/13/89...A charming demon enlists the aid of a young, single mother to help him write his biography before time runs out on him.

MANNIKINS OF HORROR 5/20/89... Based of the Robert Bloch story also featured in the 1972 movie "Asylum", this grim tale is about a brilliant doctor kept in an asylum in a 1984 type totalitarian world who is trying to give life to his small clay figurines before his time is up. A truly shocking and bizarre ending. ONE OF THE BEST!!

LA STREGA 5/27/89... Gorgeous Linda Blair stars as a young woman who may or may not be a witch that a young man has come to destroy.

That wraps up the first season of this great and still underrated little show. In season 2 there was still tons of fun to be had and some truly unforgettable episodes.

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