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Tuesday, July 21, 2020


This is a very odd movie with film noir touches.

This is part of the "Weird-Noir" set from Something Weird Video and it fits really well.

A man and his girlfriend are on the lam from a phony murder charge against the man. His name is Bill Martin (Richard Coogan) and she is Janet (Rosemary Pettit).

They hide in a carnival and she "becomes" a showgirl to hide from the police while Bill fights quickly to prove his innocence. Bill is almost killed many times while trying to find the real killer of his boss.

There is very little plot here and so many scenes are padding scenes involving burlesque acts and this does get annoying after a while. If they were not in the film it would only run about 35 minutes.

However, this isn't too bad of a film if you're not expecting much. This set from SWV is a great one and the other 5 movies will be included here soon. I believe this is the weakest film in the set, but we shall see.

The rest of the cast includes Frank Albertson, Harry Bannister and Edith King.

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