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Sunday, July 19, 2020


Well done Japanese Sci-fi that is often overlooked.

I finally was able to see this film again after so many years and found it very enjoyable.

A series of UFO's are seen all over Japan and authorities are baffled as to why. Starfish-like creatures from a far distant planet have come to Earth, but cannot approach us looking as they do. When they try they cause nothing but panic and fear.

After a few attempts, the aliens decide that one of them must look like a human in order to contact us. One takes on the form of a popular dancer/singer named Hikari (Toyomi Karita) and she slowly makes contact with several Earthlings including some scientists.

Why do they want to contact us? It seems that a meteor is going to crash into the Earth and destroy it unless something is done, and they have come to warn us.

As the meteor gets closer the temps rise around the world and there are many disasters including floods and much more. Earth scientists are unable to stop the meteor and the end seems near. However, the aliens intervene and the Earth is saved thru the combined efforts of mankind and the aliens.

This is a totally different kind of Japanese Sci-fi film than you might imagine. If you haven't seen the film, you might want to check it out as it does offer something very different from what you expect.

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