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Wednesday, July 29, 2020


Rare film noir starring Peter Lorre.

A man named Jim Medway (Derek Farr) discovers that his wife has been murdered and tries to uncover who did it.

He tries to turn suspicion on someone who actually had an affair with her and finds himself mixed up with actual murderers. That is the basic plot, and yes it does get confusing as this movie tries to bring out to many different plot lines.

Lorre's character of Paynter is extremely bizarre, and he always seems like he wants to kill someone no matter who it is. His friend Charlie Durham (William Hartnell) is the very rich and powerful man Medway tries to frame for the killing of his wife.

Paynter will do anything for him and it all comes to a very good final 12 minutes involving Medway, Paynter and Durham. This was once thought to be a lost film and to this day many people have not seen it, which is a shame.

The print is excellent and the black and white photography is beautiful. The rest of the cast includes Joan Hopkins, Naunton Wayne, Leslie Dwyer and Mona Washbourne.

If you feel so inclined check it out. You might like it.

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