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Tuesday, July 14, 2020


A bizarre film I never got to see until a while ago.

Richard Basehart stars as a surgeon named Leonard Chaney. He has a big problem. His daughter is blinded in an accident and he is driven to make her see again.

He decides to get unwilling victims and take out their eyes and perform transplants. One of them actually works, but only for a while, and this drives Chaney over the edge. His life in companion, Katherine (Gloria Graham) doesn't want him to continue his quest, but the doc wants his daughter to see again no matter what.

A basement prison cell is filling up fast with victims and soon things get out of control as some of the prisoners escape and when one is struck by a car it brings in the police.

There is one very disturbing scene of the doctor going to a playground and attempting to kidnap a young girl to use her young eyes in an operation, but she manages to escape. This film uses the mad doctor playbook which we have seen in other films such as "Awful Dr. Orloff" or "Eyes Without A Face".

Baasehart does a good job as the mad surgeon and it's al;ways a treat to see Graham and the rest of the cast includes Lance Henriksen, Donna Adresen, Katherine Stewart and the gorgeous Marilyn Joi.

The ending is a shocker for the time and one you won't forget. If you like 70's horror films with a low budget, I think you might like this little film.

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