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Thursday, July 23, 2020


This is probably the rarest movie I have ever written about here.

There is simply no information on this film anywhere on the internet and I have not found it in any books either.

Wheeler Dixon directed this bizarre speculation film about UFO's and other mysterious things in our world. Narrated by Sidney Paul, this film is what I call a "mind blower".

There are some outrageous claims made in this film and those are usually followed by several minutes of images being shown while a very strange electronic music score plays.

Dixon made other films such as "The Amazing World Of Ghosts" and "UFO Top Secret" but this film isn't listed in his filmography or anywhere else.

If you want to see something very, very odd then you might want to check this out. Sinister offers it only on a "Drive-In Double Feature" with the Italian sci-fi film "The Humanoid". I have no idea where they got the print of this, but it is what I call a forgotten film.

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