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Friday, July 17, 2020


Somewhat interesting early 80's horror.

Two couples decide to take a vacation together and soon find themselves stranded on a small island with a powewrful hurricane headed their way. However, this isn't their only problem.

One of the women on the trip named Kay (Sarah Kendall) is haunted by dreams she has had since she was a child about a strange demon who stalks and kills people. Everytime she sleeps, people die.

This is a rather interesting film with some classic early 80's gore killings including a pretty good death by pitchfork scene. This has been compared to the classic "Nightmare On Elm Street" as it deals with a dream demon, and while there are a few similarities two are very different.

You don't see the monster until the final 3 minutes of the film, and it is an impressive creation, but I wish it had been seen a little more. The ending is what really surprised me. I think it's quite unique, and I still haven't seen anything like it in any other films.

The actors perform their roles well under the direction of J. S. Cardone and everything seems to jell well. If you haven't seen this, I do think it;s worth hunting down and at least look at once.

The rest of the cast includes Fred Flynn, Carol Kottenbrook and Alan McRae.

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