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Wednesday, July 1, 2020


This is one of many films from Monogram Studios starring Johnny Sheffield as Bomba.

I have not seen many of these films, but since I had nothing to do on this particular afternoon, I decided to give it a whirl,and it's wasn't too bad.

Two men kidnap a young boy named David (Tommy Ivo) when they discover that he knows the whereabouts to a fabulous treasure hidden inside a hidden volcano. The boy is friends with Bomba and so out young jungle hero is off to the rescue.

Along on the rescue as well is David's parents, Ruth and Paul (Marjorie Lord and Donald Woods) as well as their housekeeper, a young a beautiful woman named Nona (Elena Verdugo).

There is a lot of trekking thru the jungle and chasing the basd guys, but it's still a fun little movie. Sheffield, of course, starred in the Tarzan films of the 30's and 40's as Boy, the son of Tarzan, so seeing him in this setting is almost very natural.

The rest of the cast includes John Ridgley, Don C. Harvey, and Grandon Rhodes. The print on Amazon is very good and if you're a fan of these films you can't really go wrong.

I have since caught a couple more of these movies and will be listing them here in the future.

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