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Monday, August 24, 2020


I have been rather delinquent with this as life has gotten so busy, but here is a quick roundup of what is coming soon.

Mill Creek is releasing a 2 disc blu-ray set if Hammer films on 11/17/20. This is a good bet for Hammer film fans as it contains some films not released by them before.

Shout Factory is bringing to Blu-ray the 1960 Hammer film "Brides Of Dracula" and "the 50's classic "How To Make A Monster". Both are due Nov. 10th as is "War Of The Colossal Beast".

On Aug. 25th...which is tomorrow Shout will release "Attack Of The Crab Monsters" and "The Universal Horror Collection Vol. 6 which will include the very sought after film "the Thing That Couldn't Die". Both are Blu-ray of course.

Vinegar Syndrome is releasing the very rare Mexican gore film "The Grave Robbers". It's a very obscure film worth checking out. Lots of bondage, gore and some good scares.

And finally Scorpion is releasing the Blu-ray of "Fury Of The Wolfman" on 8/31/20.

That's a very short rundown of everything coming out that I can mention at this time. If I get anymore info on other films, I'll list it here as soon as I can.

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