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Wednesday, August 19, 2020


Another very good film noir.

Beautiful Mala Powers stars as a young woman named Sharon Carlin. She boards a train and all seems well until she encounters a man with a gun in her compartment as well as a dead body.

The gunman knocks her out and when she comes to she is facing questions from a detective who is all but accusing her of murder. Very confused and scared confused, she manages to escape the police and flee to a nearby highway.

Along the way she almost hit by a car driven by a man, Paul Colbert (Jacques Bergerac) who is trying to get his son back to his mothers house. Paul picks up Sharon and she tries to explain to him what has happened.

" Finally arriving at her apartment she finds an old friend staying there and soon he even turns up dead. The plot gets even more complicated as Sharon seems to be going mad.

This is a very well made noir that I had never heard of until I got the SWV DVD set "Weird Noir". It's a fast moving film and the actors make it even better with fine performances. I always enjoy seeing Powers in anything, and to me this is one of her best performances.

If you're a fan of film noir then this film is for you. The rest of the cast includes John Harding, Helena Nash, Peter Brocco and Anna Lee Carroll. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

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