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Tuesday, August 4, 2020


This is the 14th and final Edgar Wallace film directed by Alfred Vohrer.

Horst Tappert stars as Insp. Perkins who is called into investigate a white slavery operation that runs between England and South America.

There are a lot of knife throwing bloody murders here and some comedy thrown in for good measure. One line is very memorable and it goes by so quickly you may not even notice it. The Inspector says to his assistant Sgt. Pepper (Stefan Behrens) "Does that ring a bell, Pepper?"

Lines like that go all thru the film, but they are delivered with dead seriousness which makes it all the more fun. The cast also includes the lovely Karin Hubner, Ilse Page, Christiane Kruger and Hubert Von Meyerinck.

This Krimi moves along at a very quick pace and, of course, there are plenty of plot twists and a very good climax with the police rescuing a truck full of Las Vegas showgirls who have been kidnapped and are being sent to South America.

Again, the colorful photography is stunning and the print is gorgeous. There were tons of these Edgar Wallace mysteries filmed in Germany during the 60's and 70's and the color ones were not as good as the black and white ones, but this was a most entertaining entry.

It played in theaters with "Horror Of Blackwood Castle" which I wrote about a few days ago. I forgot to mention to look for sexy as hell Ewa Stromberg in a supporting role as "Doris".

This is an easy to recommend German Krimi film.

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