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Monday, August 10, 2020


An exceptional Giallo film.

The beautiful Marisa Mell stars in this thriller about a beautiful woman named Gina who works her way into the household of a very wealthy man by taking care of his mute son.

Slowly she seduces the multi millionaire named Alexander (Richard Conte) and finds a diary from his ex-wife. As she reads it she realizes it tells how to kill him, and Gina follows it play by play until she murders Alex in the bathroom with drugs and a mysterious gas leak.

After his death she starts making the movies on his son. However she is also being blackmailed by her husband, played by Anthony Steffen. Soon her plans start to come unraveled as several complications arise.

The ending is one of those that satisfies the audience but you know the character of Gina is in for real problems.

This is a widescreen print and is looks ok. If you're not picky it will do just fine, but it is missing several nude scenes of the gorgeous Mell, and that is sad. I'm sure an uncut print is available somewhere.

The Sinister print, as I said above is fine but I do wish it was uncut. Mell is such a beautiful woman and she carries the entire film. Her most famous role was in the movie "Danger Diabolik" but she really stands out here as well.

If you're a fan of Giallo movies you simply must check this out.

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