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Friday, August 21, 2020


The second season of Monsters proved to be just as enjoyable as the first.

THE FACE 10-1-89...Two crooks kill an old lady in her home during a robbery. She bites one of them and he discovers that he has her face growing on his hand. A very odd and bizarre episode with a kicker ending.

PORTRAIT OF AN ARTIST 10-8-89...A man searching for his missing daughter gets more than he could have ever imagined when he looks up her last employer. Darren McGavin stars.

A BOND OF SILK 10-15-89...A newlywed couple book a basement room in a rundown hotel only to find it occupied by a giant spider. Extremely creepy episode.

RERUN 10-22-89...A young woman summons her dead lover from the grave and trouble ensues. Very lackluster episode, but still worth watching.

LOVE HURTS 10-29-89...A young woman tries to get her lover away from his wife via voodoo.

THE FARMERS DAUGHTER 11-5/89...A salesman falls in love with the young daughter of an elderly farm couple. She lives in the attic and has a big surprise for the salesman.

JAR 11-12-89...A shady private investigator is on the case of a woman who uses the content of a mysterious jar to get rid of her husband.

THE DEMONS 11-19-89...Comedy episode about a greedy demon accidentally capturing a salesman from Chicago who must now grant all of the demons wishes.

REAPER 11-26-89...A elderly man in a rest home who fears death makes a deal with the Grim Reaper to get him other souls so he may live a bit longer. Things don't go as planned however. A top notch episode.

THE MANDRAKE ROOT 12-10-89...A woman finds her dead grandmothers exotic plant in the basement and discovers it lives off of human blood.

HALF AS OLD AS TIME 12-17-89...An elderly man asks his archaeologist daughter to help him find a fountain of youth that has been a hidden secret of Native Americans for centuries.

MUSEUM HEARTS 1-7-90...A man and two women he cheated on are trapped in a basement with a very dark secret.

HABITAT 1-14-90...A woman who agreed to be an alien test subject loses her mind from loneliness.

BED AND BOAR 1-21-90...A salesman comes between a man and a woman having a fight in the hotel room next to his.

MR SWLABR 1-28-90...A boy discovers a toy in a cereal box that actually comes to life.

PERCHANCE TO DREAM 2-4-90...A man suffers a blow to the head and finds his nightmares becoming reality. Very bizarre but excellent episode.

ONE WOLF'S FAMILY 2-11-90...A family of werewolves must try and cope with their daughter who has fallen in love with a were-hyena.

THE OFFERING 2-18-90...A man in the hospital after an auto accident has the ability to see a mysterious giant insect praying on patients in the same hospital.

FAR BELOW 2-25-90...A man investigating why a subway crew is paid far more than anyone else gets a very unexpected surprise. Great episode.

MICRO MINDS 3-4-90...An astronomy student contact a dangerous life form that is very close to Earth.

REFUGEE 5-13-90...A top US spy must perform one last mission which is being complicated by two demons from Hell who are also after the same person as the spy.

THE GIFT 5-20-90...A kidnapped child is held in a mountain cabin where he discovers a strange being who offers him a way out for a price. Very interesting episode.

THE BARGAIN 5-27-90... A female bookstore owner does anything possible to woo a handsome customer, but as usual things don't work out as planned. Another very well made episode.

THE FAMILY MAN 6-3-90...A child who hates his mother's new boyfriend finds out his real secret after wearing an old pair of glasses.

That concludes season 2. Monsters was to return for one more year and it still had some great things to come.

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