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Thursday, August 13, 2020


A very strange and interesting film noir from SWV.

This film opens with a beautiful young woman arguing in a car with a man. The woman, Gay Andrews (Jeannie Rainer) is having moves put on her by an ad executive named Bob Walker (Paul Judson). She wants nothing to do with a married man and so Bob decides to take her home.

He is stopped for speeding by a local policeman and he is brought in front of a judge played by Ken Montroy. The judge fines him and Bob discovers that he doesn't have enough money to pay the fine so he leaves Gay with the Judge!!

Soon another man comes along and the Judge we discover, is involved in a white slave racket so he gives Gay to the other man named Mark Gallo (Art Koulias) who drugs her and takes her to a house where he and a friend lock her up and keep her captive until she decides to work for them.

Bob is concerned about her whereabouts but cannot finds her. Mark and his friend have no luck in forcing Gay to work for them, and soon their plans begin to fall apart.

This is a very interesting film and the cast does very well with the material, Rainer is a very beautiful woman and seeing her in this predicament is not a good thing at all, and that is what makes the film work so well.

The sleazy underbelly to the entire film is kept in an even balance and in typical film noir style the films ends as everyone's life has been tragically changed for the worse.

This is included on SWV's disc called "Weird Noir" and it comes highly recommended. The quality is very, very good and I suggest you see this film if you're a fan of Noir.

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